Paraiba World Review

Read a complete Paraiba World Review to know about this broker. 

Broker Website –

Address – Bonovo Road, Fomboni, Island of Mohéli, Comoros Union

Warned By – The Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (Switzerland)

Paraiba World Review: Introduction

Paraiba World is an online investment company owned by Unique Private Bank Ltd. that claims to deliver tailor-made financial solutions for corporates, businesses, and individuals. They claim that the company is located in the Comoro Islands, which is a series of small Islands on the Southeast coast of Africa, and the website is found at While Paraiba World advertises itself as a bank, additional investigation indicates that, Paraiba World cryptocurrency-focused pyramid scheme or multi-level marketing plan.

There is no proof of any cryptocurrency trading, despite the assertion that doing so generates return revenue. It claims to offer passive income potential, but it’s not even licensed to do so, it seems. Therefore, doing so is just securities fraud.

As previously indicated, there were no founders identified on the Paraiba World website, but the company’s marketers have been active on numerous Make Money Online (MMO) forums, and Erich Ely, a well-known figure, has emerged as the owner. They can be contacted by email at [email protected] but do not provide a contact number. Read a complete Paraiba World Review to know more about this broker.  

Paraiba World Review: Regulation

There are no actual products, and enlisting new participants in the program is the primary goal. It’s more of a Ponzi pyramid scheme than an actual Paraiba World MLM business.

Additionally, it lacks all necessary approvals from different financial regulators and is not authorized to provide passive investing opportunities in any nation. That implies that it is engaging in securities fraud.

Paraiba World Review: Warning 

Paraiba World got a public warning from the regulatory authority of Switzerland – the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA) and was also blacklisted by the countries like Austria and Germany.

Compensation Plan

Affiliates are expected to put up a minimum of $25 on the promise of a daily return that is advertised.

  • Get 0.3% per day on investments up to $49,999.
  • Get 0.5% per day on investments of $50,000 or more.
  • After 100 days, the initial investment is likewise refunded along with the ROI.

Customer Review

On all other websites, ParaibaWorld received negative scores and reviews. After analyzing both positive and negative Paraiba World reviews, we came to the conclusion that this broker is unreliable and might be involved in scams. The community has compiled a list of scam brokers 2022 so that you can avoid them.

How can I recover money from a scammer?

If you are a victim of Paraiba World scams, cryptocurrency scams, forex scams, investment scams, romance scams, gift-card scams, or any other online scams, you can file a chargeback for fund recovery. Fill out a complaint form on our website. You can get a free consultation from our experts, and we’ll help you through the fund recovery procedure. 

Paraiba World Review: Conclusion

Finally, Paraiba World is just a phony bank that advertises daily returns on investment in cryptocurrency trading. It’s just another cryptocurrency scam and isn’t even a legitimate MLM. The company cannot even demonstrate that it is registered or that actual trade is being done. There are numerous warning signs, and they all indicate that Paraiba World is a cloaked pyramid scheme. 

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